Analysis and measurement

Analysis and measurement

We offer analyses and measurements performed by expert personnel, including the delivery of a verifiable report.

Image analysis

  • SEM microscopy - scanning electron microscopy
  • Image analysis in NIS Elements – fibre diameters, porosities, various other microscopic measurements
  • Light microscopy/microscopy - classical optical microscopy
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • 3D visualisation using Autodesk Inventor 3D + graphics editing and image preparation
  • Micro CT structure analysis (up to 2-3 um resolution)

Analysis of chemical properties

  • EDX/EDS elemental analysis
  • TGA analysis
  • pH and electrical conductivity measurements
  • Gas/liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy
  • IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy

Determination of physical and mechanical properties

  • Viscosity measurements of polymers and other liquids
  • Measurement of contact angle by drop method
  • Measurement of the flow index of polymer melts
  • DSC analysis - crystallinity and thermal transitions
  • Mechanical tests - tensile, flexural, and compressive strength measurements
  • Porosity by bubble method and stereological methods
  • Measurement of basic filtration characteristics such as particle trapping and pressure gradient
  • Determination of moisture in the polymer
  • Plastic toughness test
  • Shape stability of plastics
  • Three-point bending of plastics