Support for the technological development of a nanotechnological regional start-up – I

The project focused on designing a device for crafting specialised nanofibrous biomass carriers. These carriers play a pivotal role in biological wastewater treatment by promoting bacterial growth and enhancing the stability of bacterial biofilms. A stable biofilm can better endure the tough conditions within treatment bioreactors, allowing for more efficient breakdown of pollutants in wastewater. The intended equipment would produce these biomass carriers using a composite core nanofibrous yarn, a technology that has been tested and proven effective on actual wastewater in lab studies.

The project culminated in comprehensive technical documentation for a one-of-a-kind facility tailored for crafting this special nanofibrous biomass carrier. This advancement propels the application of composite nanofibrous yarns into another domain: enhancing biological wastewater treatment.

The project was implemented in 2020 and 2021 and was supported by the Regional Innovation Programme of the Liberec Region Grant Fund.