Supporting the dynamic development of a nanotechnology regional start-up

The project was aimed at supporting a start-up company Nanotech dynamics operating in the nanotechnology field and brought key know-how for strategic and controlled growth. The main contribution was the personalization, internal process setup, and consolidation of the product offering, customer, and partner network to take this entity into a sustainable growth phase, also known as scaling, and grow from a start-up to a scaleup. The project has seen tangible improvements to pilot product lines and strategic expansion of R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

The outcome of the project was a comprehensive and clear business plan addressing the specific needs of the company, including an implementation roadmap. Both documents served as this start-up's roadmap for successfully completing the thorny journey of transformation to sustainability.

The project was implemented in 2020 and 2021 and was supported by the Regional Innovation Programme of the Liberec Region Grant Fund.