Support for the technological development of a nanotechnological regional start-up - II

The project focused on designing a high-voltage autotransformer, uniquely modified to monitor its internal temperature and ensure galvanic separation between its primary and secondary windings. The design also allowed for the generation of varied voltage waveforms, such as sine, sawtooth, and rectangle, by adjusting the input signal. This was an evolution of the foundational technology essential for advancing nanotechnology, drawing from prior knowledge and expertise. The motivation behind this innovative approach was to reduce the initial costs of equipment for nanofibrous products manufacturing.

As a result, the project delivered a study aimed at refining a commercially available transformer to align with these novel specifications. This led to more efficient nanofibrous products fabrication process enhancement via voltage modulation, increased output, and broader manufacturing capabilities. 

The project was implemented in 2021 and 2022 and was supported by the Regional Innovation Programme of the Liberec Region Grant Fund.